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Our People

Elizabeth Wildman-Cockburn

Elizabeth is the owner of the Honeywood schoolhouse property where The Centre for Peace is located.

Rural Learning Association

The Rural Learning Association has been operating to promote community through social justice initiatives since 1965. It is a charitable organization which promotes and conducts informal educational activities throughout rural Ontario. RLA sponsors the Sarah Badgley Fund in support of rural libraries. At the 2015 annual meeting the RLA endorsed the establishment of the Honeywood Centre for Peace.

Njacko Backo

A master of the kalimba of his native Cameroon, Njacko shares his passion for drumming and all music with us at our drumming workshops.

John Somosi

John is a Metis (Cree and French) from Saskatchewan who lives in Ontario. He has travelled extensively in North America and Australia speaking with and learning from Elders. Through his workshops, John shares his knowledge of traditional singing and making cedar frame hand drums.

Kathryn Edgecombe

After a teaching career, Kathryn is pursuing her passionate love affair with words. She writes poetry, short stories and articles for journals and magazines and is working on a novel. Kathryn believes everyone needs to see his or her story on paper, and has developed writing workshops to help unlock and further story telling abilities.

Del Ashkewe

Del Ashkewe is a Potawatomi fire-keeper/artist/writer who teaches about the river systems, natural law and universal order. Del has shared his vision for a community spiritual meeting place, outdoors at the Honeywood Centre. Read more on our Community page.

Ed Wildman

A retired lawyer, Ed lived in the schoolhouse for 6 years, during which time he taught writing workshops and classes at the school as well at the Hope Acres Centre in Glencairn, Ontario. Ed died in June of 2004.

Frances Thomas

A visual artist currently living in Barrie, Ontario, Frances lived in the schoolhouse from 1998 to 2004.  She recalls the ample solitude as well as time shared with others, including a memorable weekend of printmaking with a group of artist friends. "The contemplative space combined with wondrous landscapes just beyond the doorstep made it a very creative experience."

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