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Groups & Community

Community Spiritual Meeting Place Project

Del Ashkewe is a Potawatomi fire-keeper/artist/writer who teaches about the river systems, natural law and universal order. Del has shared his vision for a community spiritual meeting place, outdoors at the Honeywood Centre.The design would follow the numbering system on a turtle's back and be a meeting area around the council fire. This project is supported through the Rural Learning Association. Del wants to involve people from all directions to gather materials and build this special meeting space.

Wednesday Girls’ Club 

The Honeywood Girls’ Club is designed for girls from 9 - 11 years old. This weekly program includes activities that the girls themselves would like to explore and together they set the agenda. It may include music, crafts, discussions, or other activities. All program materials are provided. 


Friday Morning Coffee Hour

Currently not available.

Friday Afternoon Story Time

Currently not available.

Saturday Sings

Currently not available.

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